Hello again to everyone! I’m back from my week and a half of working,  shopping and visiting family in the USA.  The work part went well, and the shopping went even better. As a result, this spring’s posts will mostly be reviews from my shopping haul from the States, including brands like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger and a few more. I even did well at a Columbia sportswear outlet at the Pleasant Prairie outlet village in WI where I found great pieces for my riding trip to Portugal this coming July.

Itinerary this time was Helsinki – New York – Milwaukee – Baltimore – Washington – Helsinki. Weather treated the DC area well, so I got to wear my new spring clothes.

In this post I’ll review my most surprising find for you: a double-breasted trench coat by Michael Kors. I saw the coat hanging in the new arrivals section of Loehmann’s and commented to my friend, “That looks like a nice coat, but it’s a shame it won’t fit my bust.” Then just for laughs I decided to try it on and was astounded to discover it actually fit me! Then I just had to get it. Also the discount coupons they were handing at the door helped with the decision. It ended up costing about US$90.

So here it is. What do you think? This is again possibly going against busty rules as double-breasted coats can be a no for us, but I am known to just love what I love and wear what I want.

Windy Washington DC last Friday. Michael Kors trench, Steve Madden scarf, Tamaris boots and my new Gucci frames.
Front image, really like the black details.
Back image, nice and simple.
Closeup of the black detail.

Are you already in the spring mood, too, and searching for the perfect spring coat? I think I found mine.