It’s a picture day. I’m working on a Campbell & Kate blog post about wearing one of my classic white shirts with the black and white trend and came across this image of Sofia Vergara wearing her own version of the graphic trend.

Both the dress and Sofia look amazing. Personally, I’d want a little more boob-coverage before I would ever wear this out of the house, but I’m not sure the design would look as sleek with more fabric on top. Here’s the paradox: even though it looks like the bodice can barely contain her large breasts, her breasts look smaller than they would with more fabric over them!

Surprisingly, she doesn’t have the smashed-in look from the side that I expected. Do you agree? I also wonder if she even needs a bra with this dress–it probably acts as its own bra! In fact, it’s practically a three-part cup! I love the strap going down the center.

Finally, I’d be curious to see this TopShop dress on a full-busted woman. On the model the vertical stripes are already beginning to pull outwards. Would they look like bent iron bars on a G cup? Just curious.

Conclusion: When trying the graphic trend, full-busted women need to be aware of the effect of patterns around the bust. I’m sure that’s something you’ve already known forever, but these photos are a good reminder.