You haven’t heard from my 22-year-old niece since she told you about large bust bra shopping in Korea because she’s been busy job hunting. This morning she interviewed for a sales position with a wholesale bakery located in an industrial neighborhood near us. I wondered what she could wear that would demonstrate seriousness and professionalism without looking overdressed. Here’s what she chose to wear, and I think it was perfect. (She thinks she got the job, too!)

She’s had this jacket from 5.7.9 for ages. It didn’t come with the pants, but it almost looks like a set! She stayed understated for the interview, but you can imagine all the accessories options this base outfit gives her.

 LeLaina’s very first interview was with a nanny agency in Manhattan. Again, she came up with an outfit that was both extremely flattering (this purple looks amazing on her) and serious.

She’s wearing a Worthington blouse from JCP in small. I highly recommend this low-cost option for button front shirts and blouses suitable for interviews and the office. Sometimes there is slight pulling at the bust, but that’s easily fixable with a pin or by stitching it shut. The shirt is so roomy that she can slide it over her head without unbuttoning it.

Here’s what she wore to an interview with a harried mother of two teenage boys who needed a part-time nanny to pick them up from school and cook chicken fingers for them. I encouraged her to exchange the skirt for pants to minimize her curve appeal to the boys and also to look like she’s ready to be active. She added the belt to keep her waist.

By the way, there are princess seams both in front and in back on this blouse and many other Worthington shirts I’ve looked at. This means it may be possible to take in the sides and princess seams to make it more fitted without a belt.

She hasn’t worn this outfit yet, but of course I love it because it’s one of my Campbell & Kate Signature Shirts in size 2S. I love it with this skirt. Very no nonsense.

I find Lelaina’s options super encouraging for others just starting out. So often I think that professional-looking clothing requires a giant investment, but Lelaina is proving otherwise. Admittedly, she actually “just started out” when she bought several of these pieces ahead of her first job teaching English in Korea. However, she hasn’t yet needed to purchase anything new for her current job search.