I’m always trying to find shirt dresses or tunic length shirts that fit. At a local high street chain store called Seppälä today, I spotted these shirts on the Just Arrived rack, plus a long black and white striped skirt nearby. I decided to try the ensemble on and was hugely surprised by how much I loved it.

First the shirt: it has some stretch to it, being cotton elastane. The fit at the bust is so-so but decent.

Size 44 EU cotton elastane shirt from a local store Seppälä. The belt comes with it. I love the length and sleeves.


Side view of the fit. The belt makes this shirt look quite good.

Then I added the skirt. It has a nearly knee length side cut which makes it easy to walk in. The skirt is a size L, but since I was in a hurry I could not be bothered to take my jeans off so I just pulled the skirt over the jeans. This makes me wonder if I could get away with a size M skirt. The stripes are narrower at the top, but with this length shirt, the tummy effect is well hidden and it balances the look.

Wanted to try this long skirt on even though they are not usually my thing, but I love this monochrome look.

This ensemble is especially good for those like me with narrow hips because by adding width, the skirt makes me look more hourglassy than I really am. With the top being one color and the skirt drawing the attention to the straighter bottom half of my body, I see this as a flattering outfit.

Now I’m just wondering if the shirt is a good enough fit over the bust. It was also available in a lovely coral color which would be so lovely for spring. Hmmm… need to sleep on this!