I am in total scatterbrain-pre-vacation mode. We should be well on our way to DC by now, but I’m not even dressed yet, much less packed. Mr. Campbell will be So Annoyed (fortunately, I can’t think of any time in our 4.75 years of marriage when he has been Furious) when he discovers I have been blogging instead of getting ready. Plus, we’re taking our two cats with us because Kimpton Hotels lets pets stay for free. Yay! Smudge requires daily subcutaneous fluids and Cleo requires twice daily ear drops, so it’s such a load off to be able to have them with us instead of paying a fortune for cat-sitters and worrying about what we’ll find when we return. But it’s so overwhelming to think of getting them ready for a 5 hour car trip! So why not blog instead?

Cleo on the left, Smudge on the right.

Here’s one thing I’m really, really thankful for: yesterday, Venusian Glow sent me her response to the Full Bust Starter Work Wardrobe Challenge that I’ll be posting tomorrow! Thanks to her, I don’t have to annoy Mr. Campbell by blogging when we should be traipsing through the Smithsonian American History Museum. (In case you haven’t already figured it out, Off the Rack is off tomorrow because Leah is also traveling.)

I have NO idea what I’ll be wearing for the rest of this week (including today), but I haven’t had to post my snuggly robe yet on this month’s OOTD Challenge. One of our readers has also taken on the challenge and contributed three photos so far. You can still join for the last week!