It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Here are my latest (and some are very late) discoveries from browsing the full-bust blogosphere last night:

1. Clothing-Related

Domestic Outlet reviews her DD Atelier London Wool Jacket!

Another DD Atelier find, this time from Curvy Wordy: the Arno Graphite Dress. And guess what? If you use the code “CurvyWordy” on a DD Atelier order before December 31, you can receive a 10% discount! (Don’t stop at the Arno Graphite review. Be sure to browse the rest of Curvy Wordy’s blog for other excellent dress reviews. She’s pretty much the Queen of Reviews of Ewa Michalak and dresses!)

Here’s another dress review, this time the Urkye Skolowana Morska dress reviewed by Undressed to Impress. She also has a helpful review of the Urkye Francuzka top. I’m especially interested in the Francuzka because I’m hoping to stock up on the new 3/4 sleeve version. (For more about sleeve lengths, be sure to read the Already Pretty post that I link to below.)

I’m eagerly anticipating Miss Underpinnings’ series of reviews of different Etsy merchants who provide custom clothing.

Speaking of anticipation, Saint Bustier did a great job building it for the launch of their full-bust clothing line in England. Holly rounded up a few of our first impressions. I’m looking forward to finding reviews of the actual garments on other blogs soon.

Do you need more convincing that online shopping is one of the best options for full-busted women? Then check out Boosaurus’s post,  Why I Shop for Clothes Online (and you should, too!).

Finally, Sally at Already Pretty provides a great summary of the pros and cons of various sleeve lengths, including this morsel from Imogen Lamport:

[S]lanted cap sleeves work for some figures and are often more flattering than horizontal caps.

This is especially true for women in possession of large busts. Some cap sleeves (and some short sleeves) fall parallel to the bust, which draws the eye right there. Great if you want your bust emphasized, not so great if you don’t.

2. Bra-Related

Venusian Glow argues that you should throw away your minimizer. Do you agree? My personal opinion is that a minimizer is one tool in the lingerie tool chest of a woman who understands bra fit. Until mainstream clothing manufacturers create tops, dresses, coats and jackets for a full bust, there will be that rare occasion when the only way she can fit an outfit is to don a minimizer. But I would be the last person on earth to suggest wearing one everyday.

I’ve mentioned before that I have gone overboard trying to avoid a too-high band. Butterfly Collection explains what can happen when you go to the other extreme and wear your band too low. I think I may have experienced this.

If you haven’t already read Braless in Brasil’s post about The Struggles of Being a Bra Fitter, be sure to do so before your next bra-shopping trip. It will help temper your expectations and give some context for understanding your fitter.

In the mood for some cleavage? Then check out Sophisticated Pair’s roundup of the best bras for cleavaliciousness. I also found Sophisticated Pair’s recent positive review of the Elle McPherson Artistry interesting because I have yet to find an Elle McPherson bra that I love. However, I’ve been told that some women swear by them, and now I believe them.