Hey again to my readers! A week has gone by–a busy and jetlagged one. Last Monday I drove directly to work from the Helsinki airport after a red-eye flight eastbound. It was not the smartest move ever, but there was one meeting I just could not reschedule. I’ve never been so tired as I was when I got home. I can now totally relate to the confusion our American employees feel whenever they fly over here on business and need to start attending meetings immediately after night’s “sleep” on local time.

After a weekend at home, I’ve had time to reflect on my whirlwind trip and have decided that New York now shares my top city destination with Paris. New York is far better for shopping, but Paris has some other qualities that makes it a joint number one for me. And with this donkey’s bridge I’ll move on today’s topic: shopping in New York!

Had to have a über touristy moment!

First of all, a great thank you to my super wonderful and energetic local shopping guide Darlene. I’d not have known where to go without you, and had my feet not given up, my credit card would’ve taken a far worse blow!

First we ventured into Macy’s like so many tourists do. On the escalator behind us there was even a Finnish lady with her son. Our main reason for going there was to try on Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. Although most were a bit too short for me, I found the most comfy pair of NYDJ black pants for work in US size 12.

NYDJ pants from Macys, US size 12.

Then the doors of heaven opened for me at T.J.Maxx – I could not believe the prices, especially when taking the currency rate into consideration. I gathered quite a pile into my shopping cart but made a cull already before heading to the fitting rooms. These were my picks and only one item I did not end up buying.

My new favorite winter dress by Calvin Klein, US size L. Perfect fit.
Another lovely Calvin Klein dress, US size M. Collar is buttoned from one side so it can be worn down or as a turtle neck or anything in between.
Michael Kors top, US size L.
Amazing Michael Kors knitted top, US size L. Worn here with the NYDJ pants.

I certainly could have shopped more, but I have learned only to buy items I know I will wear and that suit my wardrobe. But I can’t wait to travel back for some more shopping, hopefully next February! And have some fun on a Saturday night like I did two weekends ago. I definitely felt like a bright light in the big city!