Yesterday was non-stop working at my local polling site without a chance to publish this, but you can still enjoy getting to know Tina better in her recount of the whirlwind business trip she’s taking. It’s her first time to the U.S., so make her feel welcome! I was so inspired and refreshed by the time we spent together Sunday. You’re going to read some great future posts from both of us as a result!

Hi again y’all and bless you darlings (I’m in Texas today! – and later on in the evening in Ohio, then off to Milwaukee and finally to Baltimore and Washington)! Today’s Corporate Curves Report is somewhat different than usual and not quite as planned. When you pack for a longer trip, there’s always something you forget–in my case  my camera and phone cables, so I’m unable to download pictures to my laptop. So you can expect a “packing for a business trip” post in the coming weeks!

I’ve never been to this side of the Atlantic Ocean so it’s been fun and the packing for surprisingly easy, with plenty of room in the suitcase for shopping! You can probably see I was very happy when I was leaving home on to my US tour. 🙂

Pepperberry trench coat, H&M black animal pattern leggins and Tamaris boots. Delsey suitcase and a Marimekko bag.

Sandy put a slight damper on my time in New York, and I feel for all the people who suffered from it and the ones who still do. But still it was fabulous to get to meet Darlene for a day of major shopping.

Will the Express Essential shirt button?
A welcome dinner break after walking our feet off at Macy’s, TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack.
On the subway.

I also got to meet  my friend Melissa who lives close to New York and was able to come spend a day with me. Both days and women were amazing and we had such fun! Thank you internet for connecting me to people who I’d not have met without social media and blogging.

Bryant Park with Melissa, I’m wearing a Marja Kurki silk scarf, Pepperberry trench, Gina Tricot jeggins and Tamaris boots.

Yesterday it was an early morning for me to leave towards Houston and manage the rush hour post-Sandy traffic on Manhattan, so I dressed comfortably for a long day and with layers I could easily remove for the summer weather down in Texas. I find that travel wear need not be as flattering as work wear but still I like to keep my style whenever, even when lounging at home.

Standard local supermarket off the rack clothes with Ecco shoes.

As for airport security, I have not set off the metal detector once so far even though wearing my underwired Freyas! This was the short report today from the US tour 2012 and more to come soon!