Hello again everyone and welcome to the seventh Corporate Curves Report. The autumn has arrived, one of my favorite seasons, so thought I’d talk a bit about coats. I’ve always been addicted to coats as I always want my coat to match my outfit, but before discovering Pepperberry, it was a nightmare trying to find nice coats that fit properly. In this post, I will be showing some of my before coats as well as current coats.

(Winter is still an issue, but then again, it’s so cold up here in the North that staying warm requires serious professional clothing, or – like it or not – fur. But I’ll do a winter coat post later on when winter arrives, so let’s stick to the lovely autumn. Appropriately, I’m home sick with the  flu and looking out the living room window at the glorious colors on the maple leaves.)

So then, first up is the classic trench coat, or mac, or however you want to call it. These were an absolute nightmare before as the buttons over the bust would not close if the waist was a good fit, but thankfully Pepperberry has had them in their autumn collections. I got the taupe one in 16RC last year (my shoulders are very wide, so I need a 16RD in anything with sleeves and non-stretchy fabric, but my normal size is 14SC). It actually has a zipper, and the buttons are just decorative. The navy trench coat is from their current collection and in the mail on its way to me. Initially I thought I would not order it since I already have the taupe one and also because the navy one is too short to wear with dresses. But then Irealized that I don’t have any good coats for autumn that are pretty with trousers, so I ordered this gorgeous coat then anyway.

Left: Pepperberry Navy Trench from the current collection
Right: Pepperberry taupe zipper mac from 2011 in 16RC, shopper bag and jeans also Pepperberry.

A few other early autumn coats that I often use are a denim jacket from Pepperberry. Previously denim jackets were another absolute no because the buttons would not come even close to closing if the jacket fit otherwise! Thankfully last spring Pepperberry made one, and I ordered it immediately. I love it because it goes with just about anything. The red mac is from the time when Pepperberry was a part of Bravissimo, but it’s still a coat I wear often.

Bravissimo/Pepperberry red mac 16RC., vest 14SC. Pepperberry denim jacket 16RC

But what did I wear before Pepperberry? I could not find pictures of the worst examples, but this jersey coat was one of the best fits for its stretchiness. Now I’m looking at it and going, “Oh gosh!  Did I really wear that so often?” I got it from some store in Auckland, New Zealand and the pics are from New Zealand as well.

Left: smiling scared in SkyTower Auckland NZ, standing on glass, cardi by VILA.
Right: The Luge in Rotorua NZ

Next up is wool coats. They are always stylish and warm and go from autumn to early winter. I wore this Zara one for a few winters but have to admit that it was tight around the bust and squashed my bust, but it was the best fit I could find. The pictures are taken in Paris, one in the morning exiting the hotel. One late afternoon with sore feet from all the walking (the suffering facial expression 🙂 ), in front of the Picasso museum.

Zara wool coat XL

No surprise that Bravissimo/Pepperberry replaced my Zara coat. I have received quite a few compliments on these, and strangers have asked where I bought them, simply because of the fit!

Left: Bravissimo/Pepperberry coat 16RC
Right: Bravissimo/Pepperberry coat 14SC

So now you have seen a part of my coat collection, and we’ll return to this subject when winter comes. Meanwhile, I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying this season. And sunny spring to everyone in living in the southern hemisphere! 😉