First of all, there’s a reason we kept being told we look good in V-necks and wrap styles and that dark colors and thinner fabrics are more slimming. Both of these Ann Taylor dresses are excellent for women with large breasts, but the one on the right follows the “rules”.

two dresses from ann taylor that work well on busty hourglass

The dress on the left is style number 279210 and costs $138. I’m wearing size 12. Here’s what I like about it:

  1. this is the boat neck that people are talking about when they say a boatneck is a flattering neckline for big busts
  2. the knit jersey lining is 94% rayon and 6% spandex . . . no gross acetate;
  3. the darts hit correctly at my apex (see image below);
  4. it has sleeves;
  5. the brocade-like lace shell is pretty;
  6. it has lots of options for accessorizing; and
  7. you can’t see it from the photos here, but the neckline dips in back, highlighting the sexy part of the nape and back without requiring a low back bra.

Ann taylor bust darts hit 34H apex correctly

Here are the cons:

  1. Without any accessories or a jacket to distract, the light color really spotlights my big boobs
  2. the shell is loosely knit so that it will snag easily
  3. it’s too warm for summer but will be a great option for fall, winter and spring

Even though this ivory dress is a beauty, if I had to pick just one, it would be the dress on the right. It’s style number 294064 and costs only $88. I’m wearing size large in the photo but would order an XL if I were to decide to purchase it. I think the pros for the blue squiggle dress are obvious, but here goes:

  1. it has a more flattering color and shape;
  2. it can probably be worn to even more events than the ivory dress; and
  3. it has great potential for accessorizing to create different looks. See what I created with the 3/4 sleeve V-neck cardigan that was hanging nearby.
big bust flattering v neck cardigan from ann taylor
I WANT this cardigan. At $68, the shade of blue is versatile and the 3/4 sleeves and V neck are super flattering. The only negative is that when buttoned, a side view shows that the front is higher than the back because of the extra fabric that our big boobs require. Unbuttoned, however, this is not an issue. It’s style #281319 and is 48% cotton, 33% rayon, 16% nylon and 3% spandex.

The only con? The deep V neck will require a cami for big bust cleavage control in conservative settings.

As I try things on and compare them to each other, I’m getting a clear idea of where I want to invest my clothing budget.

P.S. From these pics, it looks like I may be more pear-shaped these days. If so, then add these dresses to the list of what looks good on busty pear shapes!