Welcome to the third Corporate Curves Report. Fashion tights is this weeks topic. They might seem a bit much and are often marketed for the young and edgy, but should there really be a reason why fashion tights could not be worn to the office? For us busty corporate women, there is another reason for wearing them than just fashion or wanting to express our style: they certainly draw the attention away from the bosom area! I was looking at some new Wolford tights yesterday at the mall and have been visiting Pretty Polly‘s website.

At the office you quite often see only black, grey or navy suits. Men can use ties and shirts to liven up the suit look, and I’m glad to see they use that option more often these days. But we women don’t really wear ties, and for busty women finding shirts is hard enough, so we have limited options in colors or patterns.

But we CAN use patterned tights. Many shy away from them, but if you don’t want so much busyness in you leg department or don’t want to draw that much attention to your legs, you could wear them with boots or wear a longer dress. Then it simply adds a subtle fashion and flirtation to your outfit when there is just a little bit of pattern showing between the boot and hem. From the looks of it, these Wolford promo pictures are actually aimed at us corporate women.

In case it isn’t obvious, I just love fashion tights, but it always seems hard to find a dress to go with them–especially as I love a bit of edginess in my style and am currently craving the Pretty Polly and Wolford black or animal print tights. Here are a few pairs that I’ve had for a while but didn’t know how to team them up for the office. Then my trusted LBD came to the rescue once again.

What about a suitable suit look with fashion tights? I’m envisioning a suit with a knee length pencil skirt and black office style boots and tights along these lines .

The Pepperberry suit is from their new autumn collection, and the tights are Pretty Polly. Oooh-la-la!

After having browsed the websites for both Wolford and Pretty Polly I think there will be a dent in my wallet in the coming weeks.