It’s that time of year again—CURVexpo is coming up! It’s taking place in New York City in a week. Last year was my first time, and I ended up spending two days there and writing two novel-length posts on Hourglassy (Part 1 and Part 2).

After looking at the list of brands on the Curve website, there doesn’t seem to be much new stuff for the big bust industry, though I did discover a couple interesting things that I want to check out. First, Curvy Kate released a press release announcing their new multi-way plunge bra, the “Desire,” which will go up to a J cup. This is wonderful news for anyone who sizes out of the GG-capped strapless Freya Deco. I can’t wait to get a look at it. The only thing that isn’t clear is whether it can also be used as a plain strapless bra (though the release says they’re “working on” a strapless to be released in Fall/Winter 2013, so maybe not?). I’m also hoping winner of Star in a Bra USA Krista Cousins will be there, and that she’ll be able to chat a little.

The second thing that piqued my interest is that something called “Sculptresse by Panache” will be exhibiting at the show. Has anyone ever heard of this? I tried Googling it, but all I came up with were various CURVexpo listings. Is it shapewear?

Other than that, I’ll be checking out the new offerings from old favorites Eveden, Panache, and Curvy Kate. I’m still waiting for the release of some of their bras I fell in love with at last year’s CURVexpo! I also want to see what’s new with Claudette, who last year told us they’d be expanding their size range to smaller backs and bigger cups. Additionally, I’m curious to see if there’s been an increase in more shades of “nude” for women of color, as I’ve noticed more buzz about that throughout the past year. And of course I’ll be hanging out at the Affinitas booth to see their new designs for the upcoming seasons.

Readers, what do you want us to find out for you? Any trends you’re hoping for? Any brands you’d like to see expand their size range?