Thanks to your feedback on yesterday’s post, I’ll likely be returning my gorgeous Dunkin’ Donuts-colored cardigan to Marshall’s this weekend.  All it would take is one candid photo of my silhouette at some future event for me to ask, “What was I thinking when I removed those tags?!”  I’ll try a belt before giving up on it, but I don’t have high hopes for that.

Instead of that one-of-a-kind cardigan, I’m now on the lookout for accessories that will give the same burst of color without taking away my shape.  Here’s a necklace I fell in love with at Century 21.

colorful accessories help balance the focus against a D cup and up bust
It was already falling apart in the store, and they wouldn’t give me more than 5% off, so I managed to resist it, but I’m now on a mission to find something similar.  I adore this one from Etsy.  Too bad  it’s beyond my budget right now!

etsy necklace great for moving eye from d cup bust