I know that Hourglassy readers understand the importance of a well-fitting bra, and you didn’t need the Fairy Bra Mother letters to teach you this.  But didn’t they make you want to help others overcome the obstacles you’ve already conquered?

One organization doing this is Support1000–even though it was founded by a male who has never needed a bra in his life.  In 2008, Oz du Soleil had (1) a bunch of bras left over from a digital art project and (2) a friend working at a Chicago public high school whose students’ bras were held together by safety pins.  The leftover bras went to the high school students, and Support1000 was born.

Doesn’t that pique your curiosity? If you’re like me, you have numerous questions about Support1000, even after browsing their website and combing through their 2010 annual report.  So I recently had a kindred-spirit type of conversation with one of their board members (she’s a 34DD), and now I can’t wait to share more about the organization with you.  Throughout the year, look for monthly posts about

  • Support1000’s volunteers (it’s 100% volunteer-run);
  • the path of a bra from donation to wearing;
  • Support1000’s challenges (yes, fit is one of them!); and
  • ways you can get involved (they’re not all monetary).