Do you have one of these in your closet? I did until yesterday.

It’s 100% wool, can be layered over anything, and when I turn sideways, it makes me look ginormous.

I’ve read that with my body shape, I should wear medium-drape to fluid fabrics.  In the past, I’ve thought, “That’s well and good for summer, fall and spring, but what about winter?  You need something thick and bulky for winter!”  That’s why I’ve held onto this sweater for 11 years.  In that time, I’ve been through a couple of blizzards and taken a few ski trips, but I’ve NEVER worn this sweater.

Yesterday, I decided to clear some drawer space and say goodbye to my bulky brown sweater.  I choose to believe that there are medium-drape and fluid fabrics that the busty woman can wear to stay warm in the winter.  It may involve layering, but it can be done.  See, for example, the grandfather cardigan that I bought at Anthropologie last year in the third photo of this post.

I’ll be keeping my eyes out for more ways to keep warm in the winter without adding bulk.  What have you found so far this year?