If you follow me on Twitter, you know that yesterday was all about choosing flower bulbs for the spring.  Today is all about cleaning our house in preparation for an overnight stay by Mr. Campbell’s mother.  I thought I’d have time to blog before we depart for two Thanksgiving dinners in two different towns, but it looks like my time optimism has gotten the better of me again.  As usual, I have so much to share with you, so please check in again this weekend.  By that time, I hope to have written about the “Blogging for a Cause” panel that got me thinking about non-profits last week, and I can’t wait to get your input on an idea that I have.

Also look for Off the Rack late tomorrow or Saturday–Leah tells me it’s something Thanksgiving-related, so I’m looking forward to reading it!

And since it’s Thanksgiving, can I tell you that I am so thankful that my old Kodak EasyShare V550 camera died last week??  I’d been propping it up with an external battery charger and an external card reader, but despite all that life support, it has finally breathed its last.  Hooray for the chance to buy a new gadget that I actually need–and just in time for the Black Friday sales!  I’ve been envious of the gorgeous photos on other peoples’ blogs for the longest time.  Let’s see if the the Canon Powershot Elph 300HS that I’m eyeing will do the trick.  Something tells me that even this won’t make my pictures look as amazing as Brittany’s on Thin and Curvy!

I wish you a wonderful day with much to be thankful for whether today is a holiday for you or not.