Thanks to June’s Saturday post on Braless in Brasil, I’ve found two new “curve friendly” clothing lines.  Unfortunately, my initial excitement for the German brand Maximila changed to dismay when I visited the company’s website.   Below is their Penelope dress.  Do you understand my consternation?

How about if I place a photo of the Penelope dress next to the  Carissa Rose Lola dress?

Or the Maximila Artemis blouse (on the right) next to the Carissa Rose Nora tunic?


Seriously, Maximila?  When I hear that a new clothing line for full-busted women has just launched, I want to find that I have more options, not simply more of the same.

Competition is a good thing.  Full-busted women everywhere benefit when companies try to outdo each other in meeting our needs.  But we have so many clothing needs that are still unmet that it’s a waste of resources to duplicate each other.

Perhaps Maximila’s goal is simply to save full-busted women in Germany the hassle of ordering from England, Poland and the United States.  Perhaps Maximila just loved Carissa’s designs so much that they had to make them their own–I admit that I like the buttons they’ve added to their version of the Justina dress.

I’m looking forward to new full-busted clothing lines that will ADD to our options, which is one reason I’m excited about the blogger from Poland that June mentioned.  Will she really do jackets for us?  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

What else would you like to see from new full-busted clothing designers?