I’m in the process of contacting great brands for full-busted women, many of which I have reviewed here, to see if they would like to advertise on Hourglassy.   Please email me at “darlenecee [at] gmail [dot] com” if there are companies that you would like to see represented here.   I think ads are a great way to let us know about new styles and sales.   And I’m not going to lie–I also think that ads would be a great way to help pay the mortgage!

I hope you’ve already noticed–and clicked on–the Campbell & Kate ad that I uploaded a couple of weeks ago on the far right.  Since I am the majority owner of the company that produces Campbell & Kate shirts, it will always be an Hourglassy sponsor, but Hourglassy’s goal is to inform you of all the resources available to us, including those made by my competitors.  One company cannot possibly provide the perfect style and fit for every full-busted woman, and I want to make sure that you are aware of every great option available to us.

You’ve probably also noticed that Hourglassy tends to take a positive approach to things.  When I review a product, I try to put a constructive slant on my criticisms.  My goal is to give you as much information as possible so that you can decide whether or not you want to try something.  This won’t change with the introduction of advertising.  My reviews will continue to include negative impressions whether or not a manufacturer advertises on my site.  However, I will also continue to couch or balance the negative with the positive.

If any of the above raises questions or concerns for you, please let me know.  And as I think of issues that I have not addressed in this post, I’ll add them below.