Sigh.  Does Labor Day really mean that summer is over?  In a few months, everyone will be wearing coats and making it impossible for me to see what they’re wearing for Curve Cam examples.  Below are photos I’ve been gathering all summer of women with exposed bras.  Some work.  Some don’t. 

If you show your band, then don't go bland. The beige bra on the left looks like an oversight and destroys her look. The fluorescant bra on the right looks intentional and enhances her look. A navy bra would have made a big difference to the look on the left.

Your bra should always fit, but especially if you're going to draw attention to it. The cute turquoise bra on the left rides too high in the back. The bra on the right is letting her down.

Love this bold color . . . do you think it fits, or should the band be lower?

This is probably the only photo that I have of a D+ woman, and I don't think bra size and wide straps are a problem. My only caution: make sure your outerwear is as nice as your underwear. I don't think that's the case here, and it hurts the look.

I think I took this photo because the bra strap is dark purple, which I like. Black would also be fine--better than nude, but not as interesting as purple.

Love the unapologetic display of neon pink under sheer white. Could a larger bra size get away with this? In this pic, it comes across as interesting but not necessarily sexy. A D+ bra would definitely come across as sexy.

Gorgeous color contrast, and a thicker bra strap would look fine here.

Love the play with red, white and blue. Again, a thicker bra strap would be fine here.