As some of you know, I have a $170 store credit for La Petite Coquette.  I was dying to use it as I left the last day of CurveNY.  I’d seen so many pretty things that I felt I needed something new for myself immediately.  Fortunately, I remembered Margaret Shrum‘s offer of free lingerie consultations during the month of August.

Margaret is a personal lingerie shopper.   Who better to tell me how to spend my $170? I decided to go home and write to her instead.

She had an opening for me on August 11.  It was only as I frantically cleaned my house in preparation for her arrival that I wondered what I’d done.  A former lingerie buyer for Barney’s was coming to my house.  A woman who has worked with the finest lingerie in the world would be examining my lingerie drawer.  Nooooo.

I’m glad I didn’t back out.  The woman who came to my door was gracious and down-to-earth.  She had a fascinating background and amazing stories.   I learned so much from her in the time she spent with me that I’ve had a hard time deciding how to cover it all in just one blog post–hence my only writing about it now.

I’ve finally decided that there’s no way to cover it all in one blog post.  Instead, I’ll write just a few things in Tuesday’s post, with more to follow over time.   In fact, there’s a good chance that Margaret will write a few guest posts for us in the future.

But tomorrow, look for her advice to me about my everyday bras and underwear.