You’d think I would have begun the week with a review of a book about accessorizing, but I’ve been like Mr. Campbell on this one.  Given the choice between reading the instructions or figuring it out on his own, he always tries to figure it out first.  I simply had too much fun trying something new and then checking The Finishing Touch afterward to see if I got it right.

And yes, I did get it right with the turquoise necklace and bracelet that I posted on Tuesday.  In discussing the scale of accessories, Imogen states that, “Large busts need large scale jewellery (if you want to distract from and make your bust look smaller, otherwise, it’s up to you!)”. This quote demonstrates one thing I appreciate about Imogen’s approach:  she doesn’t take for granted that you will always want to make your bust look smaller.  In fact, she takes nothing for granted.

  • She doesn’t presume that you will use a gorgeous bag with short straps when your preference is to be hands free (see Thursday’s post).  
  • She understands a commuter’s temptation to ruin a look with sneakers for the sake of comfort and offers alternatives. 

In other words, she bases her advice on her own and her clients’ actual preferences and experiences.

The book transforms abstract concepts into concrete tips. For instance, she

  • tells you how to use the knowledge of your best colors to choose the best pair of eyeglass frames and 
  • explains how the Law of Reminiscence can help you decide which earrings to wear with an outfit you’re putting together.

I took away a lot of valuable information that I plan to practice, and I’ll share the results with you in the months ahead. Imogen provides great photos to demonstrate her points, and she links to other resources, including her own blog.

You may be wondering if you can read her blog instead of paying $19.95 for the book.  Yes, some of what is found in the book can be found on her blog , but you’ll spend a lot more than $19.95 of your time trying to piece it all together.  The book format organizes it for you.  (I love that Imogen doesn’t hoard information for fear that people won’t buy her book or need her services.  If anything, her blog and book cause me to realize even more the need for an experienced eye in these matters.)

Of course there’s one thing I would have liked more of in this book, but it’s something I always want more of:  further discussion of the nuances of accessorizing for the full bust.  Two examples:

  • If a triangle-shaped woman must be careful about bags that end at the hips because they draw attention to her hips, must an inverted triangle, H-shape, or hourglass be careful about bags that begin at the bust? 
  • A narrow belt may be best for a short waist, but if you are short-waisted and full-busted woman, should you wear a larger scale belt to help balance (or distract from) the bust?

In other words, I want a book just for us!  Fortunately, because the author is a 34G, she sprinkles a lot of great advice for us throughout her book.   Below left is her preferred belting choice for her shape.How to Wear a Belt, H or O Shape

I appreciate Imogen giving me a copy of her book to review.  I’d also appreciate hearing your own reviews after you read it and try her advice!