In two weeks I’ll be in Indianapolis at this event, Under Construction: Never Wear an Uncomfortable Bra Again, sponsored by image consultant Sola Adelowo of ImageCubeLLC and lingerie store owner Barbara Gilbert of Barbara’s New Beginnings.

When I met Sola at the AICI convention in May, I thought, “Wow.  Now there’s a woman who understands bras and fit.”  I was thrilled when she then contacted me about her upcoming event.  I met Barbara for the first time over the phone yesterday and am equally thrilled to be working with her.  You’ll understand why when I write about our conversation in tomorrow’s post.

If you take a look at this video of Sola’s and Barbara’s live television segment together on July 5, you’ll wish you could attend.  If you live near Indianapolis, you can!  (P.S. Don’t let the garage door commercial deter you from watching.  It’s totally worth it–especially when you see the 28N bra that Barbara carries.)