love my chemise. You’re right about the weight of the fabric and the A-line just skimming over the body and being flattering. And the lace is beautiful. Plus, when I lie down on my side, there is no spillage.

So my only disappointment is that I don’t look like your model Erin in it. Here’s what I’m coming to terms with: H cup breasts are going to respond to gravity without the support of a bra. There’s some overhang above the lace band that doesn’t fit in with my idealized vision of myself flitting around like a little nymph, but I can accept it. I’m pretty sure Mr. Campbell will do more than accept it, but I haven’t worn it for him yet.

The cups have now conformed to my shape and look great. No more dramatic overhang. Also, I discovered that I was wearing the back too high. Once I pulled the lace band down in front (so that it wasn’t scrunched up) and the back down below my shoulder blades, there’s no feeling of tightness.