Last year, I took you into a dressing room with me to investigate whether we can go braless in a shapewear camisole.  My answer to the question was a qualified yes.

As you probably know, there aren’t many (any?) all-in-one shapers with built-in bras for the D+ population who isn’t plus size (hence my interest in going braless). Now, however, I have 2 more options to share with you.

1.   Review of the Shapeez Ultimate Unbelievabra

I earned a free Shapeez Unbelievabra at Curve last February simply by agreeing to have my back photographed with and without one on.  My results weren’t as dramatic as those in the Shapeez photo gallery, but the one time I wore my Unbelievabra this spring it definitely reduced my back flab and trimmed my torso.

Unfortunately, I can’t stand molded foam cups.  I felt huge in them.  By the end of the day, I was certain I must be sagging down to my waist.  For proof, I had Mr. Campbell photograph my profile in the Unbelievabra and in my Prima Donna Satin.  Guess what?  I looked much more lifted in the Unbelievabra! 

Since I didn’t feel lifted, my theory is that the firm foam molding disguised the sagging that was taking place inside the cup. In the picture above, you can see how the underwire rests almost an inch lower than the model’s breast, giving extra room in the cup.  If it doesn’t bother you to have the underwire rest lower than it does on one of your regular bras, then you will love the look that the Unbelievabra gives you.  Let me know if you’d like me to send you mine!

How will you know if you and I wear the same size?  The clever Shapeez sizing system.  I’m impressed that Shapeez uses a cross cup measurement to put you in the right size.  Using their system, my upper chest measured 39″, and my cross cup measured 11.5″.  According to the website, I would wear a Large DDD, but the Large E fit better.

This isn’t a perfect product yet, but I respect the company for working to bring more bra sizes to the all-in-one shaper market.  I wish them continued success because the better they do, the better we look and feel!

Look for my second shaper discovery in my next post.