I’ve seen this striking elderly lady in my neighborhood before, but only when I found myself walking directly behind her on Tuesday did I realize how hourglassy her proportions are.  Every time I see her, she is well-dressed even though she seems to have swollen legs and foot issues that preclude her wearing nicer shoes.

There are 2 features in her outfit that I’m going to look for on future shopping trips:  (1) Her belt is in the same fabric as the blouse and skirt, enhancing her waist without highlighting her breasts like a contrasting belt sometimes does; and (2) the peplum shows off her hips and balances her top (I learned the word “peplum” from Carissa Rose). I know you can’t see her bust in this photo, but I took a quick sideways glance as I passed her to confirm that she belongs to our D+ club.

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