Look for tomorrow’s guest post from Linda, who shares what it’s like trying to dress her combination apple/hourglass figure. I know there are many of you out there who face this challenge, and I’m thrilled to have discovered someone who can help us out.

Today, I’m taking my mom (thanks, Cheryl!) and niece to a bra fitting at a lingerie boutique. We went shopping in the mall yesterday, and I was able to have a preliminary fitting done in a big department store. Can’t wait to compare . . . and tell you about it. I’m also having fun because my niece has just graduated from college and is looking for work wear, so I’ll be excited to share her finds with you as well.

And I need to make a few finds myself. I’m exhibiting my shirts at the annual convention of the Association of Image Consultants this Friday and Saturday. It was hard enough getting dressed for my intro to image consulting class. What am I going to wear to an image consulting convention??? One of my shirts, of course, but what else? I’ll let you know.  (By the way, my niece looks fabulous in one of my 4S shirts.  So gratifying.  I think this will be one of my graduation gifts to her.)