I chose to wear my Carissa Rose Justina shirt with jeans–the shirt to show respect for the office and the occasion, and the jeans to be comfortable.  Our examiner wore a black shell and jacket with jeans, so my choice seemed to be a good one.  However, our examiner wasn’t exactly a tax expert, and I’m afraid that my sharp-looking shirt, together with my background as an attorney, may have slightly intimidated her.  She mentioned twice that we “seemed to really understand the law,” and she asked twice what type of law I had practiced.  Unfortunately, that didn’t stop her from “correcting” our 2009 return by about $4000.  Sigh.  Hopefully our tax attorney can convince her to correct it back.

What would you have worn?  Would you go for powerful and confident, which is what my Justina shirt says, or would you go for something more invisible?