Carissa only used a few of the looks I came up with for my guest post on her blog on Tuesday, so, craving feedback from you, I’ve posted six looks after the jump (in addition to the two looks I posted in my review last week).  I’m especially curious whether you think the belted jacket works in the final photo.

I’d wear this to work in an office or to
networking events.  With black pumps.

I’d wear this to an evening barbecue
with sandals.

This is an easy, conservative work look
that I really like for some reason. With black
pumps again.  Any other suggestions?

This is a run-around-the-city-to-
meet-with-vendors look. The boots
make me happy.

Yes? No?  I loved this outfit when
I took the picture, but now I’m not
sure.  With two-inch brown loafers.

I was super proud of myself for coming up
with this one.  Can I get away with it, or do
the buttons look strange?  (Again with 2-inch
brown loafers.)