Thanks to Jill at Presenza for tweeting about this Glamour slide showI love the before and after for this dress. Just goes to show that a scoop neck is not always the best choice!  There are other factors to take into consideration as well.

Take a look at slides 2-4 as well.  #2 is sold out, but wouldn’t you have to wear a strapless with it anyway?  And what do you think of #4?  I think the neckline and stripes are a bad combination, but I’ve been wrong on this before.

Liz Jones of the Daily Mail (the same woman who cut off her breasts to avoid using them to get ahead) says that jersey wrap dresses look great on every body type.  We’ve heard this before, but based on the busty, hourglass and plus-size examples above, I’m inclined to agree.  Do you?  Two concerns:

1.  Each woman is showing more cleavage than I would feel comfortable displaying at work; and
2.  As the 2/24 13:00 commenter points out:

It overemphasizes the bust and creates asymmetry in the bust line as the wrap has to pass under the one breast. Dresses that are tailored to emphasize the waist, without the wrap, work much better and do not create the “one monster boob” look.

I realize that black isn’t really a spring color, but when I ran into Erica of Dirty Dolls Lingerie at CurveNY, she was wearing this Bettie Page Secretary Pencil Dress in small.  It looked adorable on her (double-breasted and all!).  Erica is a 32DD and has a small waist, so this should give you an idea of their sizing.  Next week I’ll give you an update on the Dirty Dolls line.

Finally, I recently discovered Get Cutie in England.  Their dresses come in 3 different cup sizes, A-C , D-E  and E-G. I would love for someone to try them and write a review here (or elsewhere that I can link to) so that I can move them from my “Clothing We’ve Heard About” to my “Clothing Others Have Tried” list on the Clothing for Us page!  (Depending on what I learn in our workshop on Wednesday, I might be trying them myself.)