Do you have any Valentine’s traditions, or does it vary year by year? For me, it varies. Two years ago, I was obsessed with lingerie. This year, I feel like any time is a good time to buy beautiful lingerie, so I don’t feel compelled to buy it by February 14.  (However, I did finally visit Journelle last night and am feeling compelled to write about the experience before the 14th, so look for that post soon.) 

This year, I seem to be taking more of a “guy” approach.  When Mr. Campbell asked if I wanted to go out for dinner next Monday, I said it didn’t really matter to me because he’d made me special throughout the year.  I couldn’t believe those words left my mouth!  Maybe it was the result of all that fresh air and skiing in Utah this past weekend.

This may sound silly to you non-pet lovers, but it’s also the result of the death of my favorite cat last month.  I woke up on January 16 to find that Lily had died in her sleep (heart attack).  Suddenly I didn’t feel guilty for all those mornings I couldn’t make myself move and be productive because she was purring by my side.  There were even a few mornings that she convinced me to take a nap with her instead of go to the gym.  It comforted me that she knew I loved her, and losing her caused me to appreciate more deeply the loved ones still with me.

So not to get all maudlin on you, but I hope that the approach of Valentine’s Day has you thinking of how much you value the loved ones in your life.  And whether you express it by gifts, cards, words, or just your time, I hope they know how much you love them.

On our favorite chair together