If you think that Macy’s lingerie department has nothing for women over a DD, you might want to take another look. I did when I met a friend for coffee at the Herald Square Macy’s last week.

It turns out that my friend adores Chantelle, so she wanted to fit me in one of their bras. I had low expectations for two reasons:  (1) I’d never seen anything above a DD at Macy’s before; and (2) I once purchased two Chantelle Hedona bras only to discover later that either (a) their cups were too shallow for me (according to Iris); or (b) I wasn’t fitted correctly to begin with (according to my friend).

My friend humored me by listening to my reservations.  Then she gave me the Chantelle Cachemire to try.  In 34H.  At Macy’s.

It’s pretty, right?

This bra has 3-part cups that bring the breast tissue in from the sides, and, as you can see below, give excellent lift.  It felt great.

However, I told my friend that even though I loved it, I knew I wouldn’t wear it because it was white (officially “milk pearl”) and seamed.  You can see the show-through below.  (I’m wearing a custom shirt from Yaly in these pictures.)

Actually, after viewing this picture, I didn’t think the show-through looked so bad.  And I actually thought it looked good once my friend reminded me that it’s very French to celebrate our femininity with lace and color.  In fact, she pointed out, Chantelle only introduced T-shirt bras and nude 10 years ago in response to the hyper-modest American market.  (For those of us who remain hyper-modest, we may want to try the “mocha” version available elsewhere, although the BareNecessities photo shows some maroon accents that seem like they would show through a white shirt.)

One caveat about finding DD+ sizes at Macy’s:  The Herald Square store has offerings that its smaller stores don’t.  Even Macys.com doesn’t offer the Chantelle Cachemire.  But its availability at any Macy’s may be a good sign of things to come.