I didn’t buy any new lingerie for today, but that didn’t stop me from visiting Journelle with my friend Simona last week in preparation for Valentine’s Day. For those of you living in or planning a trip to New York or Miami, I highly recommend a stop at this store.

First, a caveat.  If you already know what fits and just want to try on pretty things in a pretty setting, then this is the store for you.  If you haven’t been fitted in a while, you should visit a store with a larger inventory of bras in our size range. Our wonderful sales assistant, who wears a 30G herself, could only offer us Elle McPherson, DimitySo (a division of Elle McPherson), and Chantelle in our sizes, although it looks like Freya and Simone Perele are also available on their website.  I was delighted to be able to find anything in a setting like this because, as a large-breasted woman, bra-shopping can sometimes be just a necessary task, devoid of any of the romance associated with lingerie.  Journelle restores the romance.

Journelle’s main draw is its spa-like setting, something I’ve wished for ever since my first visit to Intimacy in 2008.  Here’s what we didn’t find:  (1) tiny dressing rooms where the shopper bangs her head against the wall when she bends over; or (2) torn furniture.  And here’s what we did find:  (1) bottled water and Italian chocolates; (2) spacious dressing rooms with a dividing curtain for modesty while a companion waits on the other side; (3) a robe to wear while browsing the store (see below).

The sales assistant artfully arranged our selections in the dressing room. (She gave us their largest room so that we could try bras on together. I’ll write about the fun of having a bra-shopping kindred spirit tomorrow.) Then she left us on our own, with occasional check-ups to see how we were doing and to bring different sizes and styles. We tried bras in a range of prices, beginning at $60 for the DimitySo Temper Temper, but more on that tomorrow.

As we left, we passed this gorgeous Damaris Noir Necklace Bra, which I said I thought anyone could wear.  Our 30G assistant regretfully disagreed. 

After I saw the $246 price tag, I was inclined to agree with her.  I would be petrified of tearing the lace!  But don’t you love the horseshoe clasp in back?

On this visit, we focused on bras. Next visit, I’ll see what else is available.

Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day, everyone!