When I took these pictures for you, Giselle was a real estate agent. Week before last, she decided to make an exciting change and resigned. She’s still deciding what she wants next. Before real estate, she worked for a vice president at Bergdorf Goodman, which is why you will see some very nice items in her closet. Don’t worry. She didn’t pay full price.

But first things first. Giselle is 5’3″, 39 years old, and tends to wear sizes 10 or 12. She measures 32″ in the band and 39″ at the apex.  So what bra do you think she was wearing when we got together?  A La Perla bra in 36E!   I asked her to try the Prima Donna Satins that I carry with me for shirt fittings. She found the 32G to be too tight (who wouldn’t after coming down from a 36?) and even the 34G to be too snug, but by the end of the evening she thought it felt great.  She could tell a giant difference when she put her old bra back on.

After the jump, you can see the difference for yourself. You can also see the Pookie & Sebastian grey dolman tee shirt that she likes to wear with leggings and finds very easy to accessorize.

36E on the left. 34G on the right.

36E on the left. 34G on the right. Amazingly better profile on the right.