In July, I wrote about these beautiful corset-style tops here.

Last week, I ran into the designer, Yvonne Chu, who told me that the custom surcharge is $50. 

At a total price of $238, how would you make the cost per wear low enough to justify purchasing one of these?  Would you wear it under a jacket?  To dress up a pair of jeans?  With a skirt?  And if so, a flowy or a pencil skirt?  Sometimes the beauty of an object is the only justification required.  Practicality is irrelevant.  Of course, a beautiful item of clothing would also have to make me look amazing before I would bring it home.  In this case, I’d have to see a sample of one of these tops on me to decide whether it belonged in my closet.

I also asked Yvonne about the lining.  It’s a polyester called “China Silk”, which is more breathable than acetate.  She’s sold this to numerous bridesmaids who have worn them in hot weather, and she has never received a complaint about sweating.