If you saw Comment #80 in Corporette’s open thread last weekend, I’m curious to know your reaction.  I post mine after the jump.

“I’m at the point in my life where I’m seriously considering a breast reduction, but also looking down the line to having children in 5ish years.

How do I broach the topic with my GYN (…I assume she’s the best to discuss this with?) at this point, where it’s not immediate, but also not hypothetical?

As background, I have a 34H chest, plan to have more than one child (and while I’d like to do it, am not attached to solely breastfeeding all 2+ kids), and my mother did the same thing. Although, my mom went from a 34C to a 34H with ONE kid (me, sorry Mom!), but she “gets” the fact that I’m anxious to do this. My uber boobs have caused me to gain weight (buying clothes to accommodate my boobs=> I “grew into” my clothes=> gained weight!) plus my serious neck, back etc. issues…. I’m so sick of these things!

Also, how to deal with this at work? I know that there’s been some discussion about surgery on this site as it relates to work– does it apply to breast reductions, too? I know my mom said that when she went thru it, people just thought she lost a whole bunch of weight (which she did….).


My reaction?  “Whiner.”  Friends and family have pointed out that I can have an empathy deficit, and I was definitely in the red on this one.  I couldn’t get past my judgmental attitude enough to write a sympathetic or helpful reply.  Partly it was the victim tone that she took:  “My uber boobs have caused me to gain weight.”  Partly it was the intense negativity:  “I’m so sick of these things!”  And because I have never experienced back or neck pain from my breasts, even when wearing the wrong bra, I also felt like she was lying.

Harsh, right?

Our reactions say more about us than the person we’re reacting to, and I’m still figuring out what my reaction says about me.  Ultimately, I think this woman’s comment triggered dormant insecurities within. After all, she’s my size twin.  If she feels such self-hatred, what would she think of me if she met me?  Did I look so freakish that I should have gotten a reduction in my twenties or thirties? 

Notice that I’m not even considering a reduction in my forties.  Despite the paranoia that her attitude elicited, I realize that I am very satisfied with my body.  That’s a good thing since I write a blog encouraging other D cup and higher women to be satisfied with theirs.

But it’s complicated, isn’t it?  We laugh about our issues and celebrate our sexiness, but when someone else comes along who isn’t laughing or celebrating, it gives pause for thought.  What are your thoughts?