For this month’s closet series, you’re meeting someone I haven’t even met in person yet. Grace responded enthusiastically to my What’s in Your Closet? post back in December, and we’ve had fun coordinating by email. I hope her closet will encourage you to share what’s in yours!  Feel free to ask her questions in the comments here or on her blogs that I will link to in my next two posts. 

First, the background. Grace is 28 years old, 5’4″, and wears size 6. She can also wear a 34F bra. The small engineering company where she works has no dress code–imagine that!

Now for the geography of her closet. Outside, she has a couple of nails where she hangs outfits that she’s planned for the next day or for big events coming up. Below are the dresses she planned for two holiday parties in December.  What a great way to get organized and to build anticipation for an event.

On the left side of her closet, she keeps her Indian outfits, called salwar kameez.  They’re also called punjabi suits, or just suits.  You’ll read more about them tomorrow when I post her favorites.

On the right side, she hangs dresses, blouses, skirts and shorts.  She actually knit some of the tops you see below.  Look for her favorite knits in my next post today.

The lower shelf in her closet holds folded pants, jeans and tee shirts.  The top shelf holds saris!  Can you imagine having a shelf strewn with these beautiful, colorful silks?