Here’s a poster I passed in the subway station yesterday. Yes, it says “$9.95”. 

For those of you who wear size 12 and below, how do you fare in “fast fashion” stores like H&M and Zara?  I had coffee with one of my fit models last week.  She wears size 8 pants but was so discouraged after an H&M shopping trip that she wanted to get a reduction. 

The fashion industry is gradually accommodating more body types, but I don’t see how fast fashion can ever accommodate all possible dimensions of the hourglassy figure.  However, rather than altering our bodies to fit into their inexpensive garments, I think the better solution is to help each other find things that fit.  If you find something that looks great on you at H&M, Zara or Forever 21, let us know.  We learned here that it can happen!

Tomorrow, I’ll share a few of my finds from Anthropologie.