If you’ve noticed fewer Curve Cams, it’s because everyone on the subway and streets is bundled up in heavy coats! However, everyone shed their outer shell at the networking breakfast I attended last Thursday, and here’s what I noticed: sweaters may be easy to wear, but they are not automatically flattering.

This bulky cotton sweater probably matches
all sorts of things in her closet, but it doesn’t
do any favors to her figure.  It’s also way
out of date.  She was a highly educated woman
with important things to say, so I’m glad I didn’t
trust my first impression based on her clothes.
This sweater actually looked good when its wearer stood
up to speak, but this picture is a good reminder to watch
our posture when sitting.  If she were going for a character,
I’d say “soft and feminine,” which seems easy to do in
sweaters.  I want to explore how to do “commanding
and powerful” in sweaters.


This woman wore a brown knit turtleneck under
her suit jacket, with a matching long brown
necklace.  Safe and boring.  She also really
annoyed me.  Have you ever met people at events
who are just waiting for their chance to give their
spiel and can’t even pretend to be interested in
your answers to their questions?  This woman
was blatant.

I think I’ve read somewhere that large-breasted women should wear thin knits. If so, I should probably get rid of this sweater.

But I probably won’t.  Sometimes a big, bulky sweater is the only thing that will make me happy.  I’ll just be careful not to wear one to a networking event!