Do you have a favorite accessory? In September, we saw that Gina’s favorites were pearls and scarves. Fran’s favorites are bracelets, preferably with an ethnic twist.  I’ve heard that statement bracelets are a good idea for busty women because they draw the eye to the wrist, the slenderest part of the body. 

She found this wire bracelet at Strawberry.

Lovely, stretchy shell bracelet.

Purple, twisty beaded bracelet.

See her favorite necklaces and work earrings after the jump.

She found this necklace in the garment district during a lunch break.  To retain the asymmetrical look, she uses double-sided tape or a tiny pin to keep it in place at the neckline.  Great idea!

This lavender bead necklace came from New York & Company, one of her favorite sources for accessories.

Finally, a great pair of attention-catching earrings that make a statement without being too flashy for a corporate setting.  She found them at Erwin Pearl, another favorite source for unique but inexpensive pieces.  (Her other favorite is a Japanese jewelry store called Bloom.  Unfortunately, it looks like their New York branch has closed.)