After all those dark coats yesterday, aren’t you ready for a little color?  I love this London Times dress that Fran found at Burlington Coat Factory.  Fran thinks the London Times fit model must have our body type because their clothes consistently fit her.  This is a size 12–she didn’t have to size up to a 14 to cover her chest.  It also helps that it’s a knit fabric.

It has a flattering waist seam in back, but the diagonal lines in front keep it from chopping her in two.  And of course the V-neck is just what the stylist ordered.

Now here’s some good news.  Remember when we learned about dresses on Overstock from Gina (here)?  It turns out that Overstock currently has dozens of London Times dresses on its site, including this dress in black or red for only $27.99!

Are you ready for another pleasant surprise?  Calvin Klein isn’t just for sticks anymore.  After the jump, see the dress Fran found at Dress Barn for only $69 a couple of months ago. 

Okay, so she has to wear it in a 14–it is Calvin Klein, after all–but the buttons close completely, even over the black tee shirt that she’s wearing in this picture, and she doesn’t have to wear a camisole for cleavage control.

They don’t show up very well in the photos, but flattering princess seams run the length of the dress.  You can see them better in the khaki version that I found here on Zappos for $97.50.  Fran’s dress just looks more work-appropriate in grey and polyester/rayon/spandex.  The khaki dress is 97% cotton, 3% spandex.

Given Fran’s experience, I won’t automatically bypass the Calvin Klein racks the next time I go shopping!

On the subject of grey shirt dresses, I’m seriously considering purchasing the Carissa Rose Katerina that I introduced to you here.  I’m not a big fan of the attached self-belt, but I’m wondering what it would look like with a wide leather belt instead?