The same Bust Lounge writer who loved eShakti (here) also clued me in to Ureshii.  Ureshii gives a really helpful comment beneath this Facebook picture from one of their customers, sent five months after she had a baby.

Busty girls, take note: this is a perfect example of the cleavage factor of the Coming Up Roses bodice. We’ve given [the customer] the maximum amount of coverage possible with this pattern. If you’re looking for a more modest option, please consider the new version of our Tab Dress.”

Their comment:  

  1. tells me I would show major cleavage in this dress; and 
  2. gives me another option that doesn’t require a camisole.  

Here’s the Tab Dress:

I originally overlooked this dress, but now I feel like it was made just for me.  Isn’t it refreshing to find a store that responds to cues from their large-busted customers?  Ureshii could have been included in this article that Marketa sent me in September.  See another example of their responsiveness after the jump, plus a surprising department store source for information about what looks good on us.

Ureshii’s description of this dress again addresses a full-busted woman’s concerns.

This draped bodice is a good choice if you don’t want to draw too much attention to the bustline – yet it still shows an intriguing hint of cleavage. The width of the snug-fitting waist panel can be adjusted according to your body type and desired silhouette.  [My note:  In other words, you’re not stuck with an empire waist!]

Now if they’ll just address the environmental concerns of using bamboo, we’ll be set!

Finally, guess what I noticed on  You can now filter your search by body type, including Full Bust and Petite Hourglass!  I used “Full Bust” to filter my search for dresses and came up with this Suzi Chin dress.

Next, I browsed the 79 reviewers for customers who described themselves as Full Bust or Petite Hourglass and learned that this dress is made for B cup women.  Macy’s may have been wrong in their dress recommendation, but they have redeemed themselves by providing such a useful tool.  They may give a run for their money.