ADORN yourself.  That’s what I learned yesterday.  I wasn’t pleased with the outcome of my animal print cardigan experiment last month (written about here), so I gave Nupur Arora a call.  Not only a technical designer, she also designs and makes affordable one-of-a-kind costume jewelry.  I suspected that some of her large gold jewelry was just what the outfit needed, and I was right.

Finally, Nupur didn’t stop at the jewelry.  It turns out that she has a stylist’s eye in addition to her many other talents.  She found these $55 shoes for me at JCPenney.

After the jump, see a before and after comparison, plus all the other jewelry we tried.  (Please disregard the too-tight shirts!)

From left to right below:
1.  Fancy earrings to dress the look up for evening.
2.  I love the gold hoops with the crystal charms. Simple and sparkly.
3.  The amber hoops worked best by themselves.

Nice idea, but the metal was

too dark to make an impact.

Just to show the difference
when the metal stands out.

The same necklace, clasped.

Too short. 

Too short even with
a collared shirt.
I adore this necklace (4th one above),
but the length can’t be adjusted, and
it gets hidden by the shirt.

The same necklace under the collar.
Still hidden, unfortunately.

Ending where I started.
My favorite combination.