I’m posting all three reviews of Rebecca & Drew today because my own experience with the R&D shirts for F-H cups was mixed. By including Debra’s experience with her dress and the shirts, I can offer a more balanced perspective.

When I first tried these shirts a few weeks ago, it seemed like the 34H Soft & Smooth Regular looked best on me. However, if you look at the picture below, I’m afraid you’ll agree that it actually doesn’t look that good on me. That’s why it took me so long to post. After studying the pictures, I remembered that I should have tried a long, not a regular.

So yesterday I tried the shirt in long. Below is a 34G Soft & Smooth Long. It was better, but still not quite right. See the 36G and 36H after the jump.

36G is on the left and 36H is on the right. The 36 definitely had more ease of movement than the 34. However, there’s a lot of Strum Strum going on in both the 36G and the 36H. It’s great that there’s no gaping, but if I’m paying this much for fit, it can’t have any Strum Strum.

Unfortunately, an earlier criticism of the shirt also remains. The princess seam apex sits too far above my own apex. This may be unique to me–my bra fitter Iris would insist I need a seamed bra for more lift. Debra did not face this issue at all, as you can see from her closeup in the dress below.

Unless you want to customize your shirt through R&D’s Insignia feature, it truly is risk-free to try one of these shirts. As they state on their website, “Buy any full priced item and receive unlimited free shipping and returns until you find the perfect fit.” I would love to hear about your own experiences if you try one!

Finally, if you haven’t already tired of such a long post, read further for my discussion of the back and side views.

R&D shirts in long gave me an extra fold of fabric in the back. If I were to purchase one, R&D would adjust the length for me for an additional $20 through its Insignia link. However, any Insignia returns involve a $15 restocking fee and are for store credit only.

Here’s the side profile, first in 34G long and then in 36G long. I felt like the side-view was flattering in both bands. The great thing about R&D offering F-H cups is that we no longer have to wear a 38 to fit one of their shirts, only to lose our waists in the bargain.