Ever since a senior associate I worked with wanted animal-print ballet flats for her birthday, I’ve noticed that animal prints are supposed to be “in” every season. This year, it may finally be true. During my mall scouting trip two weeks ago, I noticed animal prints everywhere in the stores. I decided to give the trend a try with a leopard-print cardigan, a top, and a handbag.

First, the cardigan. I thought this JCP sweater was a refreshing change from my typical solid cardigans, and the print isn’t so large that it makes me seem giant. I’m not in love it, but it has potential. What would improve this look?

Speaking of large prints, the print size above is much more flattering than that of the H&M cardigan at 4:38 in this video from Friday’s Today Show, but the video shows another great option for this look. (The video is called “Ladylike Style, Curves Return for Fall”. My curves never left. How about yours? I’ll try to embed this video later so that we can discuss it here.)

Next, an animal-print top posted after the jump. The great thing about animal prints is that you only need one accent piece. It’s just up to you to decide which one works best for you.

I like the Vavoom Factor of this Liz Claiborne top from JCP.
I tried to make it more work appropriate by adding my Doncaster sweater below. It certainly sucked up the Vavoom Factor, didn’t it? Perhaps a cropped, fitted jacket would do the trick. Where am I going to find a cropped, fitted jacket that buttons across my chest, you ask? Excellent question–one for which I have no answer, but when I find one, you’ll be the first to know.

Finally, an animal-print handbag. There are some really cute, inexpensive options all over the mall. The best thing is, no one expects the material to be genuine. Here’s the one I fell in love with.
Of the three options, I liked this one the best. I’m beginning to understand why some women can never have too many bags or shoes. What a fun way to add pizzazz to an outfit without worrying about buttons and sizing. I want to start looking at what bags look best on a large-breasted profile. I suspect there are a lot of factors, one being a woman’s height.