If you’re planning to brave the back-to-school shopping crowds this weekend, I’ve scouted out a few stores to save you time and help make sure you come home with something in your shopping bag.

First, don’t waste time looking for shirts at Club Monaco this month. Amy found a great shirt there earlier this year, which proves that it’s worth checking their racks every now and then–just not right now. The only shirt that fit over my chest was the boyfriend shirt that I show after the jump.

Second, do spend time at JCPenney and Express. Several D-cup and higher women have told me about their good luck with shirts from these stores, so I finally checked them out.

At Penney’s, you’re looking for the Worthington line. The blouse below has the side and waist darts that keep us from looking pregnant. I like the sharp, serious look of the white and black stripes, but you can see the other colors and patterns available here. Right now it’s on sale for $17.99–this makes it affordable to have the waist darts taken in if you have to buy a larger size. The size 14 that I’m wearing in this picture rates a 3/4 on the gap-o-meter scale. It would definitely require a safety pin, but you should try it and see if the same is true for you. And report back!

See the Express shirt that I found after the jump. This shirt also comes in a variety of patterns and colors, including a gorgeous midnight blue. Again, I’m wearing size 14 below. It rates a 4 on the gap-o-meter, but I think I could get away with pinning it. The shirts I looked at cost $49.90, but some of them are buy-one-get-one-for-50%-off on the website here.

The website says it has princess seams, but that’s only in the back, which I like.

For contrast, you can see that the size 12 below was a 7/8 on the gap-o-meter scale.

Finally, here’s the Club Monaco boyfriend shirt I tried. I fared even worse with the I Heart Ronson boyfriend shirt below that from Penney’s.