Here’s the second of Amy Wine’s reviews. During one of our fittings, she wished out loud that swimsuit manufacturers would make their tops the same way her favorite bras are made. Then voila! She discovered that Fantasie had done just that.

This suit is by far the best I’ve ever had! It fits just like the Fantasie bras I love–great support & coverage with a beautiful shape! It’s super comfortable, and I felt great knowing I could swim with no fear of nip slips! I’ve even worn it under a tank top a few times this summer, to show off the great animal print pattern. Cute and functional= A+

Since this was a clearance item at the beginning of the summer, you’ll have a hard time finding it in stores. However, Fantasie has many similar styles in different prints. If Fantasie bras fit you well, this is the brand to try. (I love my own Fantasie bras, so I’m wishing I needed another suit!)

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