You’ve probably already read the Jezebel story that London Fog photoshopped Christina Hendricks in its ads. If so, what was your reaction to these side-by-side pictures?

At first I was incensed. By itself, the picture on the left would cause me to wonder what was wrong with me when I tried the coat on. The picture on the right gives me a realistic expectation of the best it can look on an hourglass shape.

Today Marketa sent me The Gothamist version of this story, which has a YouTube video of the photo shoot embedded in it. After watching the video, I feel less annoyed. She simply looks amazing. I’m going to try trench coats on the next time I see them (and strike a few of those poses for my husband!). So perhaps London Fog’s marketing has worked after all.

What I am annoyed with, however, is Jezebel. When I read the Jezebel article last night, a couple of stylists wrote about hourglass figures in the comments section. They suggested leaving a trench coat unbuttoned to the waist and belting it (a la Jennifer Hudson). I meant to go back and read their comments in more detail today, but they have since disappeared! (Nothing after the jump.)