I found What Not to Wear at our library the other day, and since Susannah Constantine has large breasts, I turned immediately to the chapter on boobs. Good news: she recommends corset tops for us! Here’s a quote from one of her interviews: “Corset tops look great on bigger busts, as long as you’re not spilling out of it and it has sleeves. Corsets can accentuate without being vulgar.”

The converse is also true, as Maggy Gyllenhaal demonstrates below. Corset tops on a tiny bust accentuate what’s missing.

So I’ve been noticing all things corset-related and will post some of them here for the next few days. See the start of my wish list after the jump. It’s called a “wish list” because there’s very little chance that these tops will fit, but a large-breasted girl can dream.

If you count cap sleeves, then this is the only one on my list with sleeves. I love the hooks up the center. Wouldn’t this look great with jeans?

Actually, this Nanette Lepore has a good chance of fitting you. It runs large, and one of the reviewers wrote, “I was worried because I am big busted that it would not fit in the chest but it does. I love it so much I ordered another one because it will truly be a staple in my wardrobe!” Even better, it’s currently 55% off. Bad news: it’s only available in size 10.

One day there will be a corset top like the one below to fit us, but for now, we all know that the seams under the bust would bifurcate our boobs. “Boob Bifurcation”. Ha ha. That’s my latest technical term! I saw a woman on the subway this morning with a really bad case of Boob Bifurcation, but I wasn’t fast enough with my Curve Cam.

It’s unfortunate that none of these pictures are of a large-breasted woman looking great in a corset top. If you have one, please share! I have a few possibilities that I’ll be posting in the days ahead.

Have a great weekend!