Marketa commented on last week’s Curve Cam that “I personally prefer empire waist dresses. They are very flattering on ‘busty’ women.” So I’ve been looking around, and I have to agree. Some empire waists look good on some large breasted women. Unfortunately, I can never reach my camera phone in time to photograph them, and I’m still trying to figure out why some look better than others.

So instead of a good-looking dress, see one that I don’t think looks that good after the jump.

It gives her a frog body by puffing out around her waist, and the horizontal line directly beneath her bust widens her. I’d like there to be a waistline a few inches below her bust, but then it wouldn’t be an empire waist anymore, would it?

Of course it’s hard to see the details with her arms folded across her chest, but that makes another point for me. This dress did not give its wearer confidence. The entire time I tried to take an unobstructed photograph of the dress, she was either tugging the straps, holding her purse in front of her, or crossing her arms.

But go ahead and give me a hard time for giving this girl a hard time. She looked like she was only in high school, and I know that I spent most of my teen years feeling self-conscious about my chest. Kudos to her for venturing out in this cool dress on a hot day. Perhaps a chunky necklace could have made this work?

(By the way, I realize that neither this week’s nor last week’s Curve Cammers had Michelle Obama arms, but that’s an entirely different blog!)