I had this favorite black tee shirt copied by the tailor that our hotel recommended. You can see the result below.

It’s just okay. I love the fabric feel and color, and the double panel of fabric in the front prevents the Strum Strum Factor. However, the neckline is weird, especially at the back, and the copy is slightly baggier than the original. It would have benefited from a few tweaks, but I disliked this tailor so much that I waited until the last minute to pick it up, knowing there would be no time for alterations.

Here’s why I won’t be going back to this tailor. When I decided only to have this one top made for $30, the shop owner said, “You are wasting our time and your time.” He insisted he was only joking when I almost walked out. I didn’t want to deny the saleswoman a sale since she had been working with me for quite a while, but the owner’s comment spoiled the experience for me. (Nothing after the jump.)